Pandemic Challenges Access to Contraceptive


It's been suggested by medical professionals to delay starting a family until the pandemic is over. 

Nicole Pasquino, Clinical Practice Director with Options for Sexual Health, says for many that's easier said than done. 

"Patients are still paying out of pocket, so it's one of the things that someone who wants to delay family planning, has just lost their job and now has to make these big decisions around 'Do I pay for my birth control or do I go home and pay my rent?' I think that it's easy to think that people will make these plans and delay things based on what's going on in the world, but that's not always an option based on their access and their vulnerability."

For anyone struggling financially, Pasquino suggests looking into compassionate funds like theirs to access necessary medications. 

Pasquino says the clinic has seen quite the uptick in patients looking for birth control since the pandemic began.