Penticton man pleads guilty in Kelowna courtroom


A man has pleaded guilty to four murders last year in Penticton, telling a judge he intended to kill three of them and knew his actions would likely cause the death of another person.

John Brittain repeated 'guilty'  four times in B.C. Supreme Court when asked how he pleaded to three charges of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder.

The court heard the 69-year-old man killed Rudi Winter, Barry and Susan Wonch, and Darlene Knippelberg on April 15, 2019, shooting each of them multiple times.

He then drove to the RCMP detachment and turned himself in.

Reading from a transcript with a police interviewer, Crown attorney Colin Forsyth said Brittain explained that the victims, who were all neighbours, had been harassing his ex-wife for years.

He said Katherine Brittain was not aware of his intentions.

(Files from CTV)