Petition Circulating for Mandatory AC in Seniors' Homes

CKTB News- Seniors home

Alysha Wolf has started a petition on for air conditioning to be standard in seniors' homes after her mother's 55+ facility home in Sicamous reached above 40 degrees inside during the heatwave. 

"She came to the house and I told her 'We really, really need to find an air conditioner for you,' and she said 'Well, I'm not allowed to have one.' I said 'What are you talking about you're not allowed to have one?' and she said 'No, it's in my lease.' Her lease is like ten pages and she said it stated they're not allowed to have anything but a fan."

Wolf says the walls and fridge in her mom's home were sweating in the heat. 

"I would honestly like to see some form of government subsidy or grant for the seniors' residences that don't have the sufficient funding to upgrade. I do know where my mother is staying, the reason why I've left the name out is because I do know that they are trying, but they very much stated that they don't have funding and there's not a lot they can apply for."

Wolf says the facility did make an exception after the fact and she had an AC unit installed for her mother. 

The petition has a few hundred signatures so far. You can find it here