Popularity of e-scooters growing in Kelowna, so are issues

E-scooter 1

Complaints are pouring in about e-scooters in downtown Kelowna.

The city Active Transportation Manager Matt Worona says an enforcement blitz is coming within the next two weeks.

"Things like sidewalk riding, riding inappropriately, scooters two abreast, those kind of issues we're seeing crop up. We want to be sure that the expectations are clear for all users."

Worona says part of the problem is first time users. Some think it's safer to ride on the sidewalk when it's not.

The e-scooter rental companies are also working with the city to increase safety education, especially for new users.

There are now hundreds of e-scooters available to rent in downtown Kelowna.

Ridership has grown to a thousand rentals per day and maybe more.