Prime Minister Trudeau on AM 1150's Early Edition


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talking about COVID-19 fatigue.

The PM says he understands Canadians are frustrated and anxious.

“Vast majority of people know that listening to public health instructions and following the best advice is the way we're going to get through this but for some people they just want it to be over, want it to be a hoax, want it to be not actually a real thing because it's really scary to deal with. So, I just encourage those people to listen and to know that we're going to be there to support each other.”

He was asked about additional support for Canadians as the pandemic continues.

“I don’t want people to be worried about whether or not the government is still going to be there to help and support them. We will be and we'll look at every different situation as it unfolds to make sure we're doing it right. The decision we made was to invest to support Canadians directly so that they wouldn't have to go into debt on their credit cards, they wouldn't have to remortgage their home because of COVID, and they wouldn't lose their jobs,” said Trudeau.

The PM was also asked if Canadians will be sent to the polls for a federal election before Christmas.

“I really hope not, we are focused on COVID right now but we are in a minority parliament, which means that I don't get to decide whether or not we have the confidence of the house, that's up to the opposition parties.”

As long as the House can function, the PM says Canada won't need to go into an election