Protesters met by MLA's locked doors


As two RCMP officers stood close by, protesters peacefully gathered in front of Renee Merrifield's constituency office on the corner of Ethel and Springfield.

The doors were locked. The Kelowna-Mission MLA wasn't there with protester Dave Lindsay wanting to speak to her face-to-face.

"Our goal today was to leave her some information and our request to get certain questions asked in the ministers in the Legislature, particularly to Dix (Health Minister Adrian Dix) and Farnsworth (Solicitor General Mike Farnsworth) specifically".

Lindsay is the front man for several local rallies over the past few months.

"It (COVID-19) has created division in families, divisions in friends. It has destroyed our society. It has put hundreds of thousands of people out of work. For a virus, if it exists, it hasn't been isolated, but for a virus that has the same mortality rate as the common flu."      

Fran Kovak of West Kelowna was among the small group that gathered carrying signs questioning Doctor Bonnie Henry.

"Bonnie Henry is not a elected official. What she is saying is false and people are believing it. I can't believe it."

Kovak is concerned for young children and teenagers in school and what the pandemic is doing for their mental health.