Public Access Restricted At West Kelowna Council Meeting Tonight


Tonight’s Council meeting will remain available to the public via the City’s live streaming service at so the public can still see and hear tonight’s proceedings. This necessary measure to restrict all in-person public access to the Council meeting, including the media, is based on the recommendations and mandates from health authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Council members and staff who attend tonight’s meeting will ensure they adhere to the minimum 6-foot social distancing space requirement among the other recommendations from BC’s Provincial Health Officer.

“These are unprecedented times for everyone and keeping our community, staff and Council safe is of utmost importance to us as we prevent the spread of COVID-19,” says Mayor Gord Milsom. “It’s important for Council to keep moving forward to deliver our services to the public and, albeit slowly and through more digital methods, we can keep operations going as best we can. We’re grateful for the outpouring of public comments to ensure we all protect ourselves as we try to conduct a baseline level of city business during such a challenging time.”

There are no items on the agenda where public delegations were scheduled to be heard. If the public has questions or comments about any city-related matter please continue to contact the city through the following channels:

City Hall Main Telephone Line: 778.797.1000

City Email Address:

City Website:

City Facebook: @cityofwestkelowna

City Twitter: @westkelownacity