Ramada Hotel Offers Blankets to Patio Patrons

Maxine on the Patio

With the shutdown of indoor dining at local restaurants until at least April 19th, comes creativity.

Mickey's Pub patio in the Ramada Hotel on Highway 97 is offering blankets to cozy up and stay warm.

"We have a lovely patio, kind of a hidden secret. When the restrictions happened, management said were going to open our patio, cold or no cold."

Ramada Director of Sales and Kelowna City Coucillor Maxine DeHart says, "A hotel has blankets so we decided to offer them to patrons who want them."

DeHart says you can bring your own or borrow one of ours.

Of course, hotel blankets are washed after each use to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

Dehart adds, chilly women take advantage of the blanket policy but manly men don't.

(photo courtesy Maxine DeHart)