RCMP Heroes Run in Second Year


Ned's Wish is excited to be partnering with Canine Heroes Kennel to hold our second annual Heroes Run in beautiful Kelowna, BC on September 25, 2022 taking off from 4395 Goodson Rd at 9:00 a.m.

Ned’s Wish™ is a society committed to supporting law enforcement and the Canadian Armed Forces by providing financial and educational support to enhance the quality of life for their K-9 retirees in Canada. After human police and armed forces officers finish serving their communities, their pension funds support them.

The 2022 Heroes Run will honour PSD Gator who gave his life to protect his handler and best friend during a high risk call in Campbell River, BC, on July 8, 2021.

Gator not only kept his community and other police officers safe that day, he also ensured his handler was able to go home to his family.

To commemorate Gator’s five years of faithful service, we have set up a 5km road race and are inviting our racers, and their dogs, to honour Gator’s sacrifice and celebrate his courage by running it with us.

This is a family friendly event… including your fur family! Leashed dogs are encouraged to run with their humans!

Why this event is so important?

Due to the cost of health care for retired police or military dogs, the potential to enjoy retirement can quite literally rest on a dime. If health care costs become too high, a dog’s quality of life can be significantly reduced, or even cut-short.

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life of retired police and military dogs. We create financial support to aid in the cost of healthcare, and we provide education on the importance of caring for police and military dog retirees.

Because the work police and military dogs do is so physically demanding, families who adopt retired police or military dogs can be left with substantial and costly health issues. It’s an unfortunate reality: Medical issues and associated costs can dictate how well, how long or even if police dogs can enjoy retirement.

On average, police and military dogs retire around seven years of age, and the average life span of a police dog is between nine and twelve years. Police dogs comprise a small portion of the canine population, but the majority of their lives are spent in service to ensure the safety and well-being of others. Retired police dogs are near the end of their lives, so by virtue Ned’s Wish is about quality, not quantity. Ned’s Wish exists to help retired police dogs enjoy their remaining years.

                                              Ned’s Wish Heroes will be on site in Kelowna for a meet and greet, and photos with local Kelowna PDS… we hope to see you there!


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