RCMP issue warning to public after grandmother scammed out of thousands

scam alert

Kelowna RCMP are once again cautioning the general public to be aware of the Emergency Scam, otherwise known as the Grandparent Scam, after a Kelowna area grandmother was deceived out of thousands of dollars.

In December, a local Kelowna senior answered a fraudulent telephone call from someone claiming to be her adult grandson.

The scammer, who sounded desperate and distressed, told her that he was in legal trouble and that he urgently needed money.

The con-artist claimed to have been involved in a motor vehicle collision and he desperately needed funds for the related damages.

“The victim, a Kelowna grandmother in her late 70’s, sadly transferred $14,000 in Canadian funds to the con-artist to two separate accounts, to support the costs he claimed were associated his legal troubles,” states Cst. Solana Paré.

“In some cases, the scammer will play on the victims’ emotions and sense of loyalty, telling them they are the only person they trust enough to call for help.”  

The public should be mindful that these scammers often mine open or public social media pages, online websites or even family genealogy sites for the information they need to trick their victims. 

In some cases, the victims will unknowingly provide the suspect with personal information over the phone.