RCMP react to incident

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The Southeast District Commander of the BC RCMP isn't sitting idly by over a third lawsuit filed against Kelowna RCMP officer Lacy Browning.

Superintendent Brad Haugli says several media reports don't provide a full picture of an incident on March 9th, 2019.

Cole Vasko alleges he was walking that night with his son when he grabbed from behind by Browning, thrown to the ground, where he smashing his nose on the pavement. 

But in a statement, Haugli says the Kelowna RCMP were called to a report of an intoxicated man carrying a small child along a local road.

The man was arrested for causing a disturbance.

The suspect resisted arrest, assaulted the officer and was taken into custody.

Haugli suggests the media should ask Vasko about a letter he would eventually send to the officer.

No details were given if Vasko eventually apologised for his actions that night.

Browning is currently the subject of a high-profile criminal investigation into a wellness check at UBC Okanagan in January, in which she was seen dragging nursing student Mona Wang down a hallway at her residence and stepping on her head. 

Wang is suing Browning.