RCMP release tips for drivers ahead of snow covered roads

snow driving

With the forecast of snow in the imminent forecast it is time again to remind motorists about slowing down for winter
conditions and preparing their vehicles.

As winter is upon us and snow is in the forecast all motorists should:
1. Allow for extra time to get to their destinations due to slippery road conditions.
- It will take you more time to get where you are going, please do not rush.

2. Slow down due to these road conditions.
- Tires loose grip on snow, compact snow and ice - SLOW DOWN!
- Give road crews the space they need to do their work and never pass on the right!

3. While in the midst of a snow fall please undertake only necessary travel.
- If you do not have to travel, stay home and let the road crews do their work.

4. Ensure the accumulation of snow is removed from your vehicle before traveling.
- It is dangerous to follow the mobile snow storm created when snow is not removed from a vehicle.
- Visibility is key.

5. Turn on your lights fully and engage those tail lights.

6. Remember All Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive may help get you started but it doe not help you turn or stop!

7. Stop periodically where it is safe to do so and clean off all of your lights and windows.

Vehicle equipment:

1. If you have not done so get your winter tires installed.
- All Season tires just do not cut it on the roads and hills in the Salmon Arm area.
- Remember approved winter tires are required on all major routes in BC at this time.
Your trip can get interrupted and ordered of the highway route if you do not have them.

2. Replace those wiper blades if needed.

3. Have a winter survival pack in the car:
- Some food, A hat and mittens, warm boots, winter coat, shovel and jumper cables.