RCMP respond to video showing officer's treatment of nursing student


I wanted to ensure that everyone was aware that we understand and respect the concerns raised by the recent release of video connected with a January 2020 Kelowna file.

I will have to limit my response accordingly as the matter is subject of an ongoing civil litigation proceeding. However, I can confirm that the series of videos from inside a Kelowna residential building were recently disclosed to all parties involved in the civil litigation as per a court order. The RCMP respects the judicial process and we will continue to respond officially to the allegations made in the civil claim through the courts.

Once we received the videos the materials were reviewed immediately specifically as it relates to the police officer’s actions. As a result of the review, we can confirm that an internal Code of Conduct and criminal investigation were initiated and they are ongoing.

With respect to the internal investigation, the member in the video has been placed on administrative duties and their duty status will be subject to continual assessment. With the other investigation, the RCMP will also be asking an outside police department to independently review the findings of our criminal investigation once completed.

Both investigations are a priority and we ask for the public to respect that they are underway. Those directly involved are being held accountable. We also ask that public refrain from overwhelming the Kelowna RCMP non-emergency phone line with your concerns, so we can ensure that other members of the public can be provided with the assistance they are seeking.

Insp. Laura Livingstone