Reminder to pay taxes before penalty kicks in

City of Kelowna

Nearly 84 per cent of property owners paid their taxes by July 31, helping the City of Kelowna maintain services for residents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are very thankful to our citizens for providing their property taxes during this difficult time,” said Genelle Davidson, Divisional Director of Financial Services. “Although the penalty deadline for not paying taxes was extended to help ease the financial pressure on people this year, it is encouraging that the majority of property owners have paid before the deadline.”

Taxes were due by July 2, but the penalty deadline was extended to Aug. 31 to provide property owners with some extra time, given the financial difficulties some residents are facing due to economic fallout from the pandemic.

Residents who have not yet paid their property taxes will receive a reminder notice in the mail that a 10 per cent penalty fee will be applied to their tax bill if it is not paid before Aug. 31. Some property owners have also received email notifications alerting them to the deadline for payment.

“Property taxes are an important component of our overall financial strategy,” said Davidson. “Taxes account for 25 per cent of our overall revenues, with reserves and surplus, fees, charges and borrowing making up the rest of the funds we need to build necessary infrastructure and maintain roads, parks and pathways.”

Property owners who are eligible and who haven’t claimed their Home Owner Grant can still do so online. The City recommends property owners pay through their financial institution. Those who participate in the pre-authorized withdrawal system (PAWS) are responsible for making their final payment as it is not automatically processed.

Other options for payment include paying online with a credit card, depositing a cheque in the drop box outside the Water Street doors to City Hall, mailing a cheque to City Hall, or paying in person at the cashiers at City Hall. Please note that proof of receipt will not be provided for payments made at City Hall cashiers and processing times will vary.

For more information about property taxes, payment options, home owner grant, deferment program and to register for a Property Account, visit the City of Kelowna website, sign up for e-updates, email or call 250-469-8757 (option 3).