Report to Kelowna council details possible surcharge

City of Kelowna

A report to Kelowna city council today will detail that the city is facing an "infrastructure deficit". 

Councillors will hear that a billion-dollars will be needed, in the next ten years, to maintain the city's roads, buildings and parks.   

Just over half of that will come from current revenue sources - so, the report will look at ways to raise the rest - about $477 million.

Kelowna's Finance Manager Genelle Davidson says one idea is a surcharge.

"What we're proposing at this time is a $2.6-million dollar levy which would result in approximately $40.00 (more a year) per household," she says. 

Davidson says another money-raising idea is to expand the number of charges paid by developers.

She says if left too long - repairs to infrastructure - become too costly.