Retired CF-18 Fighter Pilot Speaks on Snowbirds Crash


A retired CF-18 fighter pilot and former Okanagan MP says the skills of a Snowbirds pilot would have been tested to the max as he fought to regain control of jet.

Cpt. Richard MacDougall was serioulsy injured in the crash.

Steven Fuhr told AM 1150's Early Edition MacDougall was dealing with a lot, "Given where he was which is the worst possible place you could be which is close to the ground and slow, it takes away a ton of time which really limits your options. He's going to have to prepare his passenger to abandon the aircraft. He's probably thinking about getting a quick radio call out to let his formation member know what's going on, and potentially about where the aircraft is going to go after he gets out."

Steven Fuhr says pilots know the job they're doing is fraught with risk.