Ricco Bambino Owner Speaks Out Against Vaccine Cards

A backlash is growing among some B.C. businesses over the province’s incoming vaccine card program. Many have gone online to advertise that they will not be checking for proof of vaccination, in defiance of the public health order.

Kelowna businesses are joining a growing list of BC Businesses Against Health Pass. 

The No Vax BC website lists 156 Kelowna businesses and 20 West Kelowna businesses as against the soon to be implemented vaccine cards. 

Kelowna's Ricco Bambino has registered. 

Owner Jason Alton calls vaccine cards discriminatory. "I do not believe in any kind of discrimination and discriminating against someone who believes that they do not want to take the vaccine, or that does take the vaccine, or that's black or white, or anything based on marital status, sexual orientation, any of that. None of that has ever played a role in Ricco Bambino, nor should it play a role in any business I feel."

He's proud to be one of hundreds of businesses speaking out against vaccine cards. 

"To get the emails from the community people saying 'Thank you so much for taking a stand, you've given us hope', it makes me feel obligated to fulfill what I started out to do. To know that there is a big group of people behind me, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, makes me feel like I'm doing something good for humanity, good for our community."

Find the list of BC Businesses Against Health Pass here