Ride sharing is coming to Kelowna


Kabu Ride was approved by the Passenger Transportation Board Friday to operate province wide.  The two big names in the game Uber and Lyft have so far not applied to operate in the city.  Both citing concerns about not be able to find enough drivers. 

"We believe we can drive increased driver loyalty simply because we're going to treat our drivers better," says Kabu Ride Director of Communications Martin van den Hemel.  "The drivers will be making much more money working for out platforms than the others.  As a result we feel we can promise to our drivers that they'll make well in excess of $25 an hour." 

Having a successful launch will depend partly on finding out what the community thinks.

"We want to hear from the politicians in Kelowna, we want to hear from the chamber of commerce in Kelowna," says van den Hemel.  "Because the people that know the city best are the local people." 

van den Hemel says Kabu Ride will treat their drivers better than the others.  They're looking for up to 100 people to get started.

"We're going to be offering subsidized health, dental, disability and illness coverage," he says.  "And we're going to be offering other rewards designed to reduce the cost of operating and maintaining these vehicles.  Because we believe that the drivers are bringing everything to the table.  Without them this can't happen.  It's their time, it's their resources, it's their effort.  They need to be rewarded in kind."

Kabu Ride also wants to operate in Kamloops.