September weather not kind to golf courses

Two Eagles Golf 1

September wasn't one of our best months in recent years.

We had a little more rain than usual, but what dampened outdoor activities was the number of days we had with rain.

There was a 21 day period where we just didn't know. 

Dean Claggett is Director of Golf at Two Eagles Golf Course and Academy in West Kelowna.

"We're accustomed to having some sunshine and some warm weather. Anywhere from 18 to 24 degrees and probably not a lot of rain. This year was significantly different. Just after Labour Day the weather was warm, and then it turned."

Claggett says the number of rounds played on his course in September was down big time.

As far as the year goes, Claggett adds the summer was pretty good. Two Eagles opened 10 to 14 days later than usual, back in March, and the fall so far, has not been kind to the golf course bank account. 

But Claggett says, "If there's one thing we know in the golf business, you can't control the weather."