Setting realistic targets to end homelessness


The Central Okanagan Journey Home Society is aiming for functional zero chronic homelessness by December 31, 2025. The refreshed Strategy was developed with community participation and its goals will only be met through cooperation, collective effort and collaboration.  

“We’ve set ambitious but realistic targets to reach functional zero by the end of 2025,” said Journey Home Executive Director, Stephanie Gauthier. “The landscape of poverty and homelessness has changed since the Journey Home Strategy was released in 2018 and this report is an opportunity to recalibrate and refocus our efforts to address homelessness.” 

Journey Home has developed a model to project the level of demand for housing with supports. It evolves as conditions change and new data becomes available, illustrating the level of need in our community and enhancing advocacy for further investments in Kelowna from Federal and Provincial levels of government.  

While Journey Home continues to focus on the future, it has overseen many milestones worth celebrating, including: 

  • Establishment of Journey Home as the homeless-serving sector backbone organization in Kelowna 
  • Formation of the Lived Experience Circle on Homelessness (LECoH) 
  • Successful data projects that are paving the way for the creation of a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) 
  • 318 new units of supportive housing introduced in Kelowna since 2018, in partnership with BC Housing and funded by the Province.