Sharing Kelowna's Pathways is the Caring Thing

Councillors waking with the Mayor

As walking and biking picks up in the summer months, the City reminds residents and visitors to share the love on our shared pathways. Multi-use paths, like the new one recently constructed at City Park and opened last Friday, is intended for all people whether they choose to walk, run, bike or roll.  


“To ensure everyone has a safe and comfortable ride, stroll, or wheel on these paths, a little courtesy goes a long way,” said Mayor Colin Basran. “Pathways like the one at City Park are open to a variety of users travelling at different speeds and users should always be alert, be heard and be predictable.”  


People sharing the path are encouraged to slow down and be aware of others before passing, keep right and pass on the left, and people biking and rolling are recommended to use a bell when passing others. When walking check for approaching users before making sudden turns. All pathway users should move to the side when stopping, and check ahead and behind before moving across the path. Considering others, giving each other space and staying alert all help to make our pathways more enjoyable for everyone. 

Through Public engagement to create a concept plan for City Park residents indicated that creating distinct areas for different park users was important. The $1.5-million investment in the park this year included widening, realigning and making the pathway more accessible. The shoreline was stabilized with logs to lessen future erosion. Finishing work including landscaping and light installation will be ongoing at City Park and fencing to protect the new planting beds and grass will remain for the summer. The City appreciates park-goers cooperation in staying off the grass during this time.  

“Shared pathways are an important piece of infrastructure in our City as they make it fast, safe and easy for residents to get around while avoiding busy roads,” said Mayor Basran. “Kelowna’s shared pathways are busier than ever, providing a place to connect, stay active and get around, and it’s up to the community to stay mindful and move safely and considerately to ensure shared pathways remain open and accessible.” 

There are more than 30 kilometres of paved shared multi-use paths in Kelowna including the City Park Walkway, the Okanagan Rail Trail and the Houghton Active Transportation Corridor. Learn more about active transportation options at