Should you get a booster?


More and more British Columbians are getting their invitations to get their third dose of COVID-19 vaccine, competing with the rate of Omicron spread.

What happens if someone begins to develop COVID-19 symptoms right before they’re supposed to get their booster shot?

Dr. Yanet Valdez, an immunologist and the B.C. lead for COVID-19 Resources Canada says, “We know how infectious Omicron is and it's important for us to not give up … continue to build on these layers of protection,” she said.

Whether someone has a suspected case or a confirmed case of COVID-19, Dr. Valdez said the answer is clear: get the booster.

But when someone should get the booster depends on whether they have a suspected case or a confirmed case.

British Columbians with mild COVID-19 symptoms who are fully vaccinated are told a test is not needed and instead told to stay home until they feel better.