Slow start to Okanagan fire season


The fire danger in the Okanagan remains low.

In fact, we are in better shape when it comes to fire activity than we were at this time last year.

"This year, up to today,  the Kamloops Fire centre has had a total of 34 fires burning 117 hectares," says Madison Smith with the Kamloops Fire Centre. "In the Okanagan, there has been 5 fires for a total of 3 hectares burnt.  At this time last year, the Kamloops Fire Centre had a total of 88 fires for a total of 992 hectares burnt. At this time last year in the Okanagan, there had been 17 fires and a total of 519 hectares burnt." 

The 10 year average for the Kamloops Fire Centre is 64 fires with 1004 hectares burnt.

"If folks are thinking of having a fire, just ensure you have enough tools and water on hand to control the fire and stop it from escaping. And don't burn in windy conditions and never leave a fire unattended", Smith adds.