Smoking complaint at KGH


Smoking is becoming a problem outside of Kelowna General Hospital.

Brian Mosychuk has a lung condition, yet is routinely being met by patients who are smoking at the entrance of the building.

"I tried walking in to get in there and I just can't walk by all the smokers. There had to have been 40 people out there smoking. I went down to Emergency and I asked, hey I need some help here. I need to enter this building, but I can't go through people smoking or I will have worse issues than I have now. The guy just walked out and didn't do a thing again".        

Mosychuk's has sent a complaint to Interior Health.

"They are smoking right in front of signs that say no-smoking. The first thing when you do call the hospital number, the first thing you get is 'Welcome to Kelowna General Hospital, we are smoke free institution'. I am like, ya, you're not," Mosychuk said in frustration.