Spiders and the colder months

Black Widow

Black widows are common in the Okanagan.

Robb Bennett , a professional  Entomologist who specializes in spiders says they will hunker down and wait out the cold months.

But that doesn't necessarily mean you will start seeing them in your house.

"A lot of the spiders people think are black widows, that they found indoors, turn out to be false black widows," explains Bennett.  "They are spiders that look very much like black widows, they are in the same family, same general body shape and build webs similar to black widows."

If you want to be proactive in keeping spiders out of your home - there are some things you can do.  Make sure you have good weather stripping and keep your home clean.

Bennett also suggests checking wood you may be bringing in to heat your home.

He adds it's very uncommon to get bitten by a spider.  Unless the spider is acting defensive, and even then, its rare.