"Stretchable Soups"


More than 900 servings of soup are being created each week through a pilot project called "Stretchable Soups".

The Central Okanagan Food Bank and Start Fresh Kitchen use items from a food recovery program.  Those items may have otherwise been thrown away.

Food like vegies - that are still edible but may have lost their crunch.

Tammie Watson is the food bank's Chief Development Officer.

"It's so amazing to see the variety of soups that we are making,"  Watson exclaims.  "But then its rewarding to know that this food is not going into the landfill - and that we are putting food into the households of hungry families and people."

A grant from the Central Okanagan Foundation helped get the project off the ground.

The soup is distributed through regular hampers and community groups.

Donation and other information is available at cofood bank.com.