Stuart Park ice rink will open


Stewart Park ice rink will open this winter.

Council voted to opening it to 'casual use' -  meaning there will be no food vendors or a fire pit.

Councillor Brad Sieben says it's a shame, with COVID-19 concerns, that users won't be able to rent skates at the outdoor facility.

"You can handle a gas pump, repeatedly, without any measures in place, yet anyone who can do a skate rental business, wearing a mask and wearing gloves and handing skates out and sanitizing could probably do it."

Councillor Gail Given says its the best option of three they were considering.

"Certainly if we run into situations where the crowding is excessive on a fairly regular basis, then I think we will need to go to other levels. At this point and time this is the right place to start." 

One of the options was not opening it at all. 
The rink attracts close to 25 thousand people every winter for free skating.