Swimming Advisory Lifted for Rotary Beach

Rotary Beach

Interior Health has lifted the Swimming Advisory for Rotary Beach effective immediately.

Regular testing indicates the beach now meets the guidelines for Canadian Recreational Water Quality at 60 E.coli per 100-millilitre sample.

“Beach water quality can fluctuate due to a number of factors including lake currents, changing environmental factors, waterfowl, warm weather and swimmers which stirs up the lake bottom,” says Blair Stewart, Parks Services Manager.

A Swimming Advisory for Rotary Beach was put in place yesterday, August 29, when bacterial counts measured higher than the standard of 200 E.coli per 100-millilitre sample.

When bacterial counts are above the standard, swimming, particularly in shallow water, may increase the risk of illness.

Each summer, City staff collects water samples from our beaches for Interior Health to test and analyze.

Kelowna beaches being tested include: Sarsons, Hot Sands in City Park, Cedar Creek, Rotary, Tugboat Bay in Waterfront Park, Boyce Gyro and Strathcona.

To help enhance beach water quality please:

•              Do not feed the birds.

•              Do not take your pet to the beach; dogs are only permitted at the Cedar Creek Park, Lake Avenue, Poplar Point and Kerry Park splash beaches.

•              Do not litter – dispose of all waste in garbage cans.

•              Change diapered children frequently in the bathroom, not at the beach.

•              Dispose of boat sewage in onshore sanitary facilities.

•              Wash your hands with soap and water after using the toilet or after changing diapers.

•              If you have diarrhea please do not swim.

•              Call 71-PARKS if you see something that needs our attention.