Take Action Canada Launches Website for Stories of Vaccine Regret


Ryan Penn is one of the founding volunteers of Take Action Canada. 

The group recently launched "Sorry I Got Vaxxed", but Penn says you can't even truly call the doses a vaccine. 

"Vaccines are supposed to prevent acquistion and prevent transmission of any disease, that's the definition of what a vaccine is supposed to do, but that was never the intention. So this vaccine, if you can call it that, is not stopping transmission and it's not stopping infection."

Penn says they started the website so people could share their story of adverse reaction and regret of getting one or both doses. 

"Number one world's most famous person that's hit the headlines is Eric Clapton. His family pressured him to get vaxxed so that he could see his grandchildren and he couldn't feel his hands or feet for two weeks, he felt like they were burning."

Penn says the number of adverse reactions is not small. 

"If you look at the VAERS database, which is the American vaccine adverse reaction database, and the European database... this vaccine has had more injuries and deaths than all vaccines in human history combined for the last 17 years."

You can find personal stories regard vaccine side effects by visiting sorryigotvaxxed.com.