The BC Government wants to regulate e-scooters, Segways


The BC Government has introduced proposed amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act to benefit people who choose new types of transport, like e-scooters, electric unicycles or Segways.

If passed, the amendments will establish a regulatory framework to allow the use of increasingly diverse modes of personal transportation.

The changes would clarify how emerging devices are to be used and will ensure the safety of everyone who uses roads and sidewalks.

The amendments also allow pilot projects to be established in individual communities, giving BC the chance to partner with municipalities in researching and testing how new mobility technologies fit in.

Currently, a device that does not fall under the act's definition of a motor vehicle, cycle or pedestrian is not permitted to operate on highways or sidewalks. However, some new devices struggle to fit into any category and become "unauthorized vehicles."

"We know people are changing the way they travel, and it's important that our regulations match these changes," said Claire Trevena, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. "There are lots of new ways to travel and we need to make sure our laws reflect the needs of our communities today."

The proposed amendments would expand the definition of road user to include emerging active transportation modes, as part of the the province's active transportation strategy.