TJ is making her return to EZRock 101.5

Andy & TJ 1

For the past 13 months, one of our co-workers has been in a battle for her life.

And now, good news.

TJ of the Andy and TJ morning show on EZRock 101.5 was back at work today.

"I'm happy, I'm healthy. For those who may not know, I was on a cancer journey for the past 13 months. As a matter of fact, it was December 17, 2018 that was my last day of work. I had all of 2019 off after surgery, chemo, radiation. I am now on a clinical trial, but I'm as healthy as a horse and so happy to be back."

TJ's return will be gradual over the next couple of months, monitored by her medical team to ensure that she does't experience any setbacks.

TJ is the first to express gratitude to the excellent team and facilities at the Kelowna Cancer Clinic.