Turkey Dinner for 900 at Kelowna's Gospel Mission

Gospel Mission chefs

A free Thanksgiving dinner will be served on Monday, October 14th from 12PM to 6PM at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission at 251 Leon Avenue. 

Staff and volunteers have been working hard to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, ham with all the fixings, available to residents of their emergency shelter as well as the public, many of whom are seniors or people living with disabilities.

Randy Benson, Executive Director of Kelowna’s Gospel Mission, said, “The people we see day to day are living under challenging circumstances.  They are living in poverty and often call Kelowna’s Gospel Mission their home. When we celebrate Thanksgiving with a turkey dinner our volunteers go the extra mile to give it a homey and special feeling. 

People need someone in their corner, and we want to show them that there are so many people caring for them and rooting for them. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for all that we have and a time to care for others who are hurting both physically and emotionally.  We are constantly reminded of the importance of giving thanks.”

Kelowna’s Gospel Mission is pleased to have the support of so many in the community.  Included in the over 50 volunteers who will be serving meals are City Councillor Loyal Wooldridge, MP Dan Albas, MLA Steve Thomson, MP Stephen Fuhr and Tracy Gray.

Kelowna’s Gospel Mission’s needs extend beyond Thanksgiving and any help is greatly appreciated.  Please contact the Gospel Mission to donate, become a regular volunteer or give an in-kind gift.