Two Kelowna Elementary Schools Get Funds for New Accessible Playground

cjos playground

Two Kelowna elementary schools are on the list for provincial funding to build new accessible playgrounds - South Kelowna Elementary and Watson Road.

The province today announced an additional $10-million investment in the Playgound Equipment Program.

Education Minister Jennifer Whiteside said, “This will ensure universal accessible equipment like ramps, transition platforms, and ground cover access are all part of these playgrounds so all children have equal play opportunities. These inclusive playgrounds reflect our government’s commitment to create inclusive, accessible play spaces for everyone to enjoy.”

South Kelowna and Watson Road Elementary schools will each receive a grant of $165,000 to build new accessible playgrounds.

“Playing helps kids develop a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities, as well as the social skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. The joy of learning through play creates positive associations with curiosity, experimentation, innovation, collaboration, and play is also known as a proven stress reliever for children.”

Whiteside says the money will build 60 new playgrounds in 50 school districts. 

“And the play doesn’t stop when the school bell rings. These playgrounds really are vital neighbourhood hubs where families, siblings, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends can play as well.”