UBC's Wine Research Centre Bringing Hub to Kelowna

wine pouring

UBC's Wine Research Centre is bringing a hub to their Kelowna campus. 

Director Jacques-Olivier Pesme says he's excited to bring a hub to the centre of BC's wine country. 

They have researchers at the Kelowna campus, but have big plans to expand. 

"We also have plans to divy up our work activity through new labs, new activities," Pesme stated. "We're going to go step by step."

UBC's Wine Research Centre opened in Vancouver in 1999. 

Pesme says wine is more than just a drink - it's history, geography and climate - and he's thrilled to help make people more aware of what is in their glass. 

"I'm very enthusiastic with the idea and the great ambition of supporting and doing whatever I can do and we can do as the Wine Research Centre is concerned to support the development of the wine industry in BC - not only in BC but also in the entire [country]."