UPDATED 100 more homes possible in The Ponds

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Kelowna Council endorsed the next phase of The Ponds neighbourhood development on Monday.

The project includes 100 single detached homes, a new trail network and connection to the Kuiper’s Peak Mountain Park.

Planner Specialist Alex Kondor said the applicant has addressed three major concerns raised during public consultation.

“One of them was traffic impact on Gordon Avenue and the hope is that with the South Perimeter Road being built that that should alleviate some of the traffic congestion on Gordon Avenue.

“The other two issues that were raised were the lot density and my understanding is that the applicants have revised their subdivision plan to reduce the proposed lot count by several lots to make the lots slightly wider.”

Thirdly, the public noted concern over potential development of a small plot of land on Clarence Avenue, but Kondor said the applicants have now designated that plot of land as park space.

When it came to discussing the South Perimeter Road extension as a solution for the traffic congestion, Councillor Luke Stack said more lots in the area would actually be a good thing for other residents in The Ponds and Upper Mission.

“Each lot pays the cost development charge toward new road systems in this area so as much as neighbours may be a little bit concerned, it's actually helping contribute to the pot of money that's actually going to add that third road up there,” said Stack.

Councillors Charlie Hodge and Loyal Wooldridge raised concerns over environmental impacts and infrastructure.

Wooldridge agreed with Hodge, who requested further assessment into impacts on species and habitat loss before construction begins.

“But in honouring business commitments that were made back in 2007, I will support this going to public hearing, with hesitation of course.

“We hear from residents all the time about traffic congestion especially coming from the Upper Mission and the reality of transit not reaching that area for quite some time I have a lot of hesitation but I’ll be in support of it going to public hearing so that I can hear what the public has to say,” said Wooldridge.

The project, located at the intersection of Gordon Drive and Clarence Avenue, was forwarded to a Public Hearing February 25th.



100 additional lots could join The Ponds neighbourhood.

Council will hear the proposal on Monday.

The project would cover 18 hectares and be located at the intersection of Gordon Drive and Clarence Avenue. 

Public consultation turned up concerns on traffic congestion downstream on Gordon Drive and that density of the proposed homes will impact property values.

To address these concerns, the developers reduced the number of lots in their proposed subdivision by two.

The majority of the property, characterized by rock cliffs and outcrops, burned in the 2003 Okanagan Mountain Park fire which destroyed most of the vegetation in the area. 

The proposed development features an extensive trail network and is proposing to maintain connectivity to the Kuiper’s Peak Mountain Park.