Val Litwin Joins BC Liberal Leadership Race

Former British Columbia Chamber of Commerce president Val Litwin addresses a news conferemce in Esquimalt, B.C., Thursday, Dec.6, 2018.

A new name in the BC Liberal Leadership race. 

Val Litwin has worked as CEO for the BC Chamber of Commerce and hopes to bring his experience to the table. 

"In the last four [years] as the CEO of the BC Chamber I spent every week flying or driving to a different part of British Columbia, speaking with local community memebers and business owners, taking what's keeping them up at night to Victoria and Ottawa and pushing for change. For me this is an exciting and natural step, but my career has been where people, business, and community meet."

Litwin says he's the outsider that wants to bring people in, kickstart change, and reinvigerate the party.

"We have an opportunity now coming out of COVID where everything has changed. I'm not just talking about COVID, I'm talking about racial injustice, social inequality, climate change, the opioid crisis, homelessness, eroding affordability. It's a long list, but we are one of the most gifted places in the world and we can begin to tell a new story if we embrace new solutions to old challenges."

He is currently sharing his vision in meetings across the province. 

"This is about taking the time to get into the grassroots, meet the people, get their opinon and insights on the party, but also to share my vision which is the BC Liberal party is still the party that knows how to create a strong, vibrant economy, but this time we're going to deliver for people, businesses, communities, and the environment like never before."

Learn more about Litwin and his platform here.