Watch the sky for Snowflakes this weekend


A group of retired pilots called the Snowflakes will be flying over the Okanagan on Sunday for an episode of local YouTube show Hello Okanagan.

Producer Peter Kaz says they will take off from Vernon airport around 10:30a.m., fly north toward Armstrong then down Okanagan Lake toward Kelowna and back.

"About two months ago I saw them flying overhead and I had posted on the Hello Okanagan social media pages saying ‘Has anyone ever seen these people flying overhead. Do you know who they are? We would love to chat with them,’ and then finally this lady had offered a name who knew one of the pilots. I reached out to him and asked if we could get together and see if there was a potential interest in them being on our show."

Kaz is asking the public to tag Hello Okanagan in all photos and videos you take of the group or send them into their Facebook page so it can be used in the episode.

“I just thought, wouldn't it be cool because we're going to have go-pros on these planes, we're going to have a couple of our cameramen on there and we thought wouldn't it be cool to also get some shots, some footage, from the safe ground level just to see what it would look like from down there," said Kaz.

The episode is being filmed to tell the story of the Snowflakes, who have brought joy and curiosity to residents all over the Okanagan Valley.

“I think in total there's about 8 or 9 guys that are retired commercial pilots and one of them is a retired air force pilot and what they did is years ago they all got together and built their own model planes and called themselves the Snowflakes instead of Snowbirds.”

The episode featuring  the Snowflakes will air on Hello Okanagan’s YouTube channel on August 22nd.