We'll be back say Olympia Greek Taverna owners


It has been part of Rutland for nearly 50 years. Now, the Olympia Greek Taverna is gone. Destroyed by fire overnight. The cause of the blaze is unknown right now.

"We're not sure, the fire department is not sure," says co-owner Mike Koutsantonis. "We're not sure if it happened out of our compressor room, in that side of the building. Until they can get in there and do their full investigation, we're not sure."

Two staff members were inside the restaurant after it closed last night.

"It would have been around 11 o'clock," says Koutsantonis. "They went running out the back because they thought somebody was trying to light a fire, and as they came out there were a couple of people who had seen the smoke and were yelling "Get out! Get out! There are flames on the roof!"

The damage to the restaurant is extensive.

"The fire department was amazing," says Koutstantonis. "They managed to save the buildings around us. Unfortunately, ours is done. This isn't just a quick repair. The restaurant is pretty destroyed."

Despite the devastating fire, the Olympia Greek Taverna will rise again.

"The plan is to re-build for sure," says Koutsantonis. "We've got a third generation coming into it now. They're devastated. They want to carry on the legacy for them and for all the wonderful people of Kelowna that have supported us over the years."