West Kelowna man recovering from serious accident

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Trey Marlow is lucky to be alive.

The West Kelowna man was involved in a horrible crash last June, suffering third degree burns.

Close to a year later, his mother Tina, spoke to AM 1150 News about the accident.

"Two police officers were at our door and told us that Trey was in a bad, serious car accident. When we got to the hospital, they had already put him in an induced coma and he had been on fire, so the upper part of his body had third degree burns."

Trey was airlifted to Vancouver General where he underwent several successful surgeries, but four of his fingers had to be amputated.      

Marlow says his son received tremendous care from doctors and nurses.  

"There was a Princeton nurse and he was amazing. I believe he actually saved Trey's life for what he did for him that day. There were many people who contributed to Trey's survival including Trey himself".        

Tina and her husband Andy were able to use the Burn Fund Centre, which is a haven for families dealing with trauma.   

"It was 15 minutes away from the hospital, so we spent 14 hour days at the hospital. When you got back to the centre, you just put your feet up and it was a home away from home."       

The 24 year-old's recovery is a slow one. He suffered a broken collarbone, ruptured spleen, a lacerated liver and a brain injury in the crash.   

"Amazingly he is working. I think we are 10 months in, but he has gone back to work. He is an amazing individual that is coming through all those injuries. Looking at him,  you wouldn't know what happened. He looks that good", Marlow added.