West Kelowna MP upset over rising fuel prices


West Kelowna MP Dan Albas is calling for a temporary cut  in the GST at the gas pump.

Albas is concerned with rising fuel prices, where motorists, in the Central Okanagan are paying a buck 95.9 cents a litre.

"They (government) aren't thinking about all the seniors on fixed income in rural areas that have to drive to medical appointments and they are not thinking about moms and dads who have to get kids off to school or small businesses that have to pass on extra charges". 

Albas says temporarily eliminating the GST would result in a drop of 8 cents a litre.

"The government is reaping more revenue but are keeping it for their own priorities," Albas added. 

In the North Okanagan, a few gas stations in Vernon have jacked up their pump price to 203.9 cents a litre.