"What a joke"


While excitement is starting to build over the possible re-location of Costco to land in an area of Baron-Springfield and Leckie, don't put Ron Ready on that list that's enthusiastic.

Ready is nearby resident, who says the area can't handle the traffic.  

He scoffs at the suggestion that Costco is willing to put up 2.5 million dollars to help the situation.

"That Costco store probably makes 2.5 million in two or three days of business. I was really offended by that when I saw that, 2.5 million, what a joke."  

A public hearing on the proposed site is this Tuesday.

"I have five councillors that have major concerns about the traffic impacts on the intersections and roads in the area. There has been some response (from local politicians), but the other four councillors have been missing in action", Ready added.