White Rock Lake Fire Being Held

The White Rock Lake wildfire burns west of Vernon, B.C., on Thursday, Aug.12, 2021. (Darryl Dyck / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

The White Rock Lake fire is officially classified as being held. 

The wildfire is not likely to spread beyond determined containment lines due to the suppression carried out by the BC Wildfire Service.

The fire discovered July 13th reached 83,342 hectares in size. 

The fire was lightning caused. The existing area restriction and evacuation orders and alerts remain in place. 

Fire operations update from BC Wildfire Service:

Division Bravo (east flank): Action and put SE flank (Fintry) into patrol status by Sept. 5. Patrol and extinguish hotspots found by scan 100ft into the perimeter and near structures by Sept. 5.

Division Charlie (northeast flank, south of Glenemma): Complete containment and mop of excursion on Irish Creek North Flank by Sept. 5. Mop up and patrol of completed ignition line to 50' blackline. Monitor Ewer Creek and Irish guard at top of Six Mile for climbing indices by Sept 8th. Implement a burn plan only if needed. Mop up to 100ft within the perimeter along Ewer Creek by Sept. 8th.

Division Yankee (north flank): Complete 100' patrol of all Div Y by Sept. 5, extinguish all scanned hotspots in perimeter north of Highway 97 and western perimeter south of Highway 97 by Sept 7th. Complete patrol of Adelphi-Grange by Sept 4th. Ongoing gear recovery and return to the warehouse. Action visible hotspots within 200 ft of the perimeter by Sept 7th.

Division Zulu (west flank): Complete hotspotting from scan data and mop up from: Tiger Road to Monte Pratt by Sept. 7, Douglas Lake Rd to Monte Pratt by Sept. 7, Hwy 97B (Okanagan Hwy) to Torch Rd by Sept. 7, and Douglas Lake FSR to helipad 5 by Sept. 8. Recovery and return of gear to the warehouse.

Division Alpha (south flank): Aerial resources continue to monitor this flank of the fire.