World Suicide Prevention Day More Important Than Ever

suicide prevention

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. 

Stacy Ashton, Executive Director for Crisis Centre of BC, says this year World Suicide Prevention Day is more important that ever. 

"More people are feeling isolated and are experiencing financial stress, relationship stress. Just the stresses of living in a world with a lot more uncertainty right now."

Ashton says there's high concern for working adults between 30 and 60.

"That's a group that can really be put off their game when there's an economic downturn and they face challenges to provide for their family and to deal with the financial reality of economic recession. They often don't have places to turn to."

But suicidal thoughts doesn't limit itself to adults. Ashton says the suicide is one of the leading causes of death of youth in BC. 

"If somebody has gotten to a place where suicide is on the table for them, it's often to come down to feeling like it's the only option. It's not brave or cowardly, it's simply there doesn't feel like there's any alternative."

Ashton says if you or someone you know needs help call 1-800-SUICIDE or visit their website to chat with someone online.