North Glenmore Elementary adding 5 new classrooms: $7.5 million from education ministry


A new school addition is on track to deliver more student spaces as early as the next school year in the fast-growing Central Okanagan School District.

"We are expanding schools to meet the needs of our growing communities," said Rachna Singh, Minister of Education and Child Care. "With record population growth, our government will continue to invest in our schools as more cities like Kelowna welcome new students to their classrooms."

With $7.5 million in funding, the Ministry of Education and Child Care is adding 120 seats in five new classrooms at North Glenmore Elementary. The new classrooms are expected to be ready for students in fall 2024.

The addition at North Glenmore Elementary will be a prefabricated addition that will get students into classrooms sooner. With sustainable and energy-efficient designs, the additions align with the Province's CleanBC targets and meet B.C.'s enhanced energy requirements.

"We welcome this prudent investment in our growing community," said Lee-Ann Tiede, chair, Central Okanagan Public Schools board of education. "As we serve more students each year, projects like this offer an efficient way to build on our safe, welcoming and sustainable learning spaces."

Recognizing the needs of the growing community, the provincial government has approved approximately $177 million to create 2,220 new student seats in the Central Okanagan District over the past six years. This includes the 12-classroom addition at École Dr. Knox Middle school currently underway, the completed École H.S. Grenda Middle and funding for the new George Pringle Secondary.

Since September 2017, the Government of B.C. has provided more than $4 billion for new and improved schools as well as land purchases for future schools throughout the province. This has resulted in 25,000 new student spaces and 35,000 seismically safe seats at B.C. schools.

Budget 2023 includes $3.4 billion for school capital projects over the next three years, including new and expanded schools, seismic upgrades and replacements, and land purchases for future schools.