Pennylane Shen Day at the Okanagan School of the Arts

Pennylane Shen

On Saturday, August 31, the Okanagan School of the Arts (OSA), in collaboration with CanwaxWest and the Federation of Canadian Artists, will be hosting a unique opportunity to learn from artist consultant, curator, and educator, Pennylane Shen of Dazed and

Since 2006, Dazed and Confucius has offered personalized consultations, group seminars and business development with regular seminars held worldwide. Pennylane personally assists and advises over 500 artists on a one-on-one basis each year.

“Pennylane has a magical way of seeing a path for every artist ... even when the artist can't! Working with her has been a game changer.”
- Danielle Krysa, aka The Jealous Curator

“I invested in a private consult with Pennylane several months ago. It was WELL worth every cent. Her workshop last year was very informative. Pennylane has a lot of great insight to share.”
- Jan Little, multiple award-winning artist

The workshops on offer for 2019 are How It Looks: Trends and Techniques in Contemporary Framing, Hanging, and Identifying an Audience and Small Group Critique.
How It Looks is an 80-minute seminar covering contemporary styles and trends in framing, hanging, labeling, and presentation of artwork. How a piece is presented is a crucial part of the final product. In the commercial art industry, it can often make or break a sale.
The Small Group Critique session focuses on guided discussion, brief critique, and guidance to groups of up to eight artists. Topics may include feedback and criticism, creating a body of work, developing promotional tools, approaching galleries, and identifying an audience. A small audience listens in on the session.

“Last year, as a participant, I found the experience very worthwhile, addressing for me (at age 83) some of my quite specific challenges.”
- Michael Sime, 2D & 3D artist and author

“Doing the group critique seemed scary but it was awesome. My art life is on a path that I would not have started without Pennylane's help. She is a wonderful inspiration for new and experienced artists.
No wonder she is in mass demand worldwide. I totally plan to see her again in Penticton this August.”
- Jan Kreut, artist and educator

Pennylane holds a Master’s degree in Visual Culture Theory from New York University, consults and lectures around the world, and for more than a decade has worked in commercial galleries such as the Bau-Xi Gallery, the longest standing commercial gallery in Canada. She is a curator for the Vancouver Mural Festival and a board member for the Vancouver General Hospital and UBC Foundation art acquisition committee.