PIB applauds city decision not to support rezoning application on Spiller Road


The syilx (Okanagan) Nation holds unextinguished Indigenous Rights and Title to all lands and resources within syilx Territory. Canadian Horizons has proposed a large residential development at 1050 Spiller Road near the City of Penticton BC and adjacent to the Campbell Mountain Landfill.

The proposed development is within the vicinity of k.s.lx.ikn., syilx Territory and will directly and irrevocable impact syilx Nation Title and Rights. Over the last three years the Penticton Indian Band has rejected the proposed development and advised both the provincial government and the proponent of its concerns.

"We are pleased that Penticton City council voted not to approve the rezoning application brought forward by Canadian Horizons," stated Chief Greg Gabriel. "The proposed development was located in an area that is important for our people and our elk and deer herds which continue to dwindle due increasing use of rural syilx Nation lands and resources.h

We would like to thank those within the south Okanagan communities who took a stand against this development and who recognizes the cultural and environmental importance of these lands; by working together we can ensure that tmixw (all living things) can continue to survive and thrive within syilx Territoryh. affirmed Chief Gabriel.