Opening Borders between Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom

Passports Courtesy: CANZUK International

Think the Schengen area in the EU, but more commonwealth related. That's what the CANZUK International Group is trying to accomplish, they want to open the borders, for passport free travel, being able to work in the partner countries, open up free trade and more. Recently their petition reached over 200,000 signatures, and according to their website, over 65% of residents in the 4 countries support this initiative.

From their mission statement, they say "these four countries have shared commercial ties, geopolitical aspirations and a venerable constitutional tradition over centuries.

Amongst CI’s aims is freedom of movement within the CANZUK Group for the citizens of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. In addition, it regards loyalty to the same monarch as an essential symbol of a common heritage and the cornerstone of constitutional democracy."

This could be interesting, though it brings up questions about, border security, sovereignty, and independent currencies.

More about the CANZUK Intiative here

If you want to sign the petition just click here