Smile Cookies Support Local Charities


Just a couple of days left to get your Smile Cookies and support local charities.

Nicole MacMillan own's Tim Horton's in the South Okanagan.

She says every dollar of smile cookie sales from her stores go to charity.

"We're on our second year here that we are doing the South Okanagan School Breakfast Fund. says MacMillan.  "All that money raised goes to schools from Osoyoos to Summerland. So wherever they need help in order to get children some breakfast before they start school. Just to make sure that no child goes hungry."

She adds it truly is a community effort.

"I've been speaking to teachers and parent volunteers and others that like to go into schools and do this.  When they see the children come in and once they get the food, the change that's happening.  It's really phenomenal. I really think it's a great thing to the food in the schools"

Smile Cookies are available at Tim Horton's locations until this Sunday.

They're only a dollar.