Being in the NHL bubble


What was it like being in the NHL bubble?

Kim Dillabaugh knows first hand.

The former Kelowna Rockets goaltender spent 44 days in Toronto - in the bubble - as the Philadelphia Flyers goaltender coach.

"Getting the opportunity to get back playing was obviously great. We obviously came up short the way we wanted to end up, but all-in-all, it was fun to get back playing". 

Dillabaugh had to leave his wife and young daughter and son behind as he and the Flyers chased the NHL dream of winning the Stanley Cup.

"Very challenging for sure. My wife and daughter understood, but my son, who is just three year's old didn't know what was happening. My wife is typically a single mom during a typical hockey season, so I give her a lot of credit."   

Dillabaugh has spent the last five seasons as the Flyers top goaltending coach, meaning he works daily with Carter Hart.

"He is just scratching the surface here. He is dedicated to his craft. He allows himself to be an elite individual. When you put that much in, you are doing to get good results," Dillabaugh added.