Kraft Hockeyville back again


It was just under 5 years ago that Lumby was the winner of Kraft Hockeyville. 

They used the grand prize of 100 grand to upgrade Pat Duke Memorial Arena.

Team Leader Angie Clowry reflected on the great day.

"I had a friend come up to me and asked me what are chances were of us winning. I told her, don't tell anyone this, but we are going to win. It is like having your favourite sports team playing, you  being there and it being the best day of your life. That's the feeling that I got and I knew we were going to win."  

Clowry says the entire process was a positive for the community.

"It has brought everyone who has ever lived in Lumby, who has ever played hockey in Lumby, it brought us all together like all across Canada. It got us on focused on one common good," Clowry added.   
Nominations are now open for this years event, which now features a grand prize of 250 thousand dollars.

West Kelowna came close in 2012, but came up just short.